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Platform for educational content.


Studiekit is an app for Noordhoff Publishers. The app allows kids (10-16 years) to access their schoolbooks on a tablet or computer. The app offers a wide variety of functionalities so the kids have the same experience as if they used a printed book. Kids could add notes, make drawings, highlight text and easily switch between work and textbooks.

For the future, they aim to give a better learning experience by adding features such as sound and movie, in order to make learning more fun and easy. E.g. learning a new language.

The app is available on iOS, Android and Web.


How do we provide kids with the same learning experience using a printed book to now learning from a tablet or computer?


What we want to achieve in the app is to keep the book content as clear and clean as possible, so no added buttons or menu. Kids get very easily distracted and they have to use the app to learn from.

To keep it as clean as possible we developed a navigational principal for the different functionalities of the app. Think of Library view, table of content view, paging view and book switch view. We introduced the tree finger swipe. For example, if you want to open the library view, you use a two-finger swipe from top to bottom. The book content slides away and the library view appears in a lower level. We used this principle on all four sides. Left to right swipe to open Table of Content, bottom to top to open paging, and right to left to open related books. (Making for a simple switch between text and work book)

Another principle that we used is the longtouch. User can use the longtouch to open a menu. In that pop up menu user can add notes, mark some text, add a drawing and add a text field. By using the longtouch we eliminated an extra button.


The different menu’s can be reached to a two finger swipe from top to bottom or left to right..

Noordhoff Publishers
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