Optimal Workshop

Converted webtool for UX tests.

For Optimal Workshop I worked on different online tools for testing usability. My assignment was to make a mobile version of their (desktop based) online tools. Their online tools are:

Treejack Information Architecture Validation Software

OptimalSort Online Card Sorting Software

Chalkmark Online Screenshot Testing

Reframer A qualitative research tool

Overall challenge

Keeping the same user experience on a mobile version as of the online version.


To avoid irregularities in the test results, the mobile version and the online version need to have the same (or as close as possible) user experience. I achieved that by using different methods. By using longtouch, drag, pinch to zoom and a seperated menu, I was able to keep the app clear and good to use on a smaller screen.


What is Chalkmark

Chalkmark is an online tool to do ‘First click’ testing on screenshots and visual designs.


How to handle screenshots that are bigger than the screen on the device you are doing the test from.


The screenshot is first shown in full screen. The user can use ‘pinch to zoom’ to have a look at the original size of the screenshot. Scrollbars will appear for extra clarification that the image is bigger then the screen. By taping on the screenshot the user completes the task that has been given.

Optimal Workshop
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