Android app
Night of the Nerds.
App to track movements of event attendees.
Young people on the Night of the Nerds event

Night of the Nerds; an event to get kids (10-15 years) introduced to technology. We created the ‘Nerd tracker app’. The Nerd tracker app is using the different sensors in the smartphone to measure the activity of the ‘Nerd’ (user). The app gives a real time visualisation of the movement or the amount of steps the Nerd takes. In the app there is a data visualisation of the different measurements. We could measure how many steps the Nerds are taking, how much they moved, how much sound there was and how long the Nerds were walking or sitting. We could also see how long the Nerds where standing at different stalls.


By giving the app a clear interface, with nice graphics and animations we made boring data fun and interesting to look at. By showing not only their own data, users could also see data from the other users. (anonymous) Comparing your own data with the data of other users gives you an idea how they are doing compared to the rest. Which is fun to see e.g. if you are a more active or lazy nerd compare to the others.

My Role

UX Design
UI Design

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This project was commissioned by:

• Aliens Are Among Us

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