Spring sprong game playing field

Gaming app controlled by jumping.

The app that moves kids. SpringSprong, the app for Kinderen voor Kinderen VARA. Kids have to jump to the beat of the music to unlock the next level and in the end the full song. If they finish all the three levels they get a bonus. The kids get to see the videoclip of the song they were jumping on. The game has four songs to unlock and is updated regurlarly with new songs. In the Netherlands it’s a big success with a lot of kids jumping with SpringSprong.


User flows were created to lay down the basic for what a user can do.


The point of wireframes is to assign functionality to each screen and show the dependency between the screens.

End product

The visual design of the app. An overview of menu design, play area and highscore screen.

UX / UI Design
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This project was commissioned by:

• Aliens Are Among Us

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