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App design and webtool.

UX Design

I started this UX design project performing user research, in order to get an overview of how employees are using the app and webtool. Seeing the day to day use offered insights into how I can most effectively create an optimised design. After field research I organised workshops to get further insights of what the in-depth needs of the individual users/employees are. Combining knowledge of the day-to-day use and the feedback from the workshops, I had a solid briefing for what the requirements are. With that knowledge, I started creating wireframes and a click demo, with the wireframes being tested by the stakeholders and end user. Their feedback give me valuable insight on where to improve app and web-tool.

UI Design

After finishing the UX, I started with the UI design. This means, translating the wireframes into the style of Vattenfall. After finishing that I worked closely with development to complete and test the app. The app and web app are currently still under development.

Unfortunately I can’t show any designs here because the information relating to the project is not yet ready for public release. Should you wish to know more on the progress so far, please feel free to reach out. 

UX/UI Design
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