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Simyo is a dutch telecom provider with the highest client satisfaction rate of the Netherlands. As part of KPN, the biggest telecom provider of the Netherlands, Simyo is a budget focused provider, selling Sim Only and Prepaid contracts. Simyo is a digital frontrunner, being the first telecom provider to introduce eSIM, the digital sim card. Unfortunately I can’t show any designs here because the information relating to the project is not yet ready for public release.

Should you wish to know more on the progress so far, please feel free to reach out.


To create the best user experience, we look at data analysed from live feedback. This data is used to create valuable user insights which in turn offer insights for where we can set up AB testing, to monitor whether the user sees it as an improvement and enhanced user experience. With these learnings we continue to provide testing.

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• UX Design
• UI Design

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