Top 5 UX/UI Blogs

17 May 2019
Roderick Meijer

How to keep up to date, follow UX / UI blog. These are a couple of my favourite ones. Check them out, but be careful! Before you know you spend hours on these blogs…

#1 Medium

Have a browse on Medium. They have different UX / UI blogs. A couple worth checking out are and Theres a good range of articles in different aspects of UX /UI Design. An active community who, most of the time, post articles on a daily basis.

Link to

Link to

#2. Toptal Design blog

This blog is set up by freelancers who work with Toptal. This website connects projects with freelancers all around the world. This blog gives you a good insight from people within the UX/UI field. All the contributors are freelancers with a wide range of knowledge they are willing to share. Yes!

Link to Toptal blog

#3 Invision app, design blog

A blog from the people of the prototype app, Invision. A design blog with lots of inspiration, not only design focused but also an interesting post about way of working, tools and upcoming events. One of my personal favourites.

Link to Invission Design blog

#4 Marvel blog

This blog has a focus on design and people that work in design. There are some interesting interviews from people who work for Instagram, IBM and Uber. Definitely worth checking out.

Link to Marvel Blog

#5 Usabilitygeek

Usability, User experience, Testing, Tools; these are some of the subcategories on this blog. If you’re new to the field, check out ‘Terminology’. It explains all the new terms.

Link to Usability Geek