Top 5 UI Trends 2019.

14 January 2019
Roderick Meijer

Happy N-UI year! A new year, a new list with predictions. We see some trends from last year continuing and some new ones. One thing is for sure, its going be a great UI year again!

#1. Next level animation

Enrich your app with functional animations. These animations help navigate, or bring focus, to UI elements. Another benefit, (if well used) it gives your app an enriched feeling. And with better 4G networks, animation on mobile is becoming more and more widespread. Video can be tricky especially for iPhone users as some iPhones don’t render it properly.

#2 Vibrant Color Gradient

Colours have always been a big influence on design, they grab attention and invoke emotions. 2019 is going to be a bright year, with a hint of Neon even. This trend, has its origin from flat design and evolved into Material design.

#3. What can I say.. Voice control

Was that not a trend from last year? Yes. Are we fully there yet? No, but we are still going strong with conversational interfaces. With a growing number of voice activated devices in our home, we need to think how we interact with UI that doesn’t have any buttons.

#4. VR and AR..a lot of reality

Another trend that started last year; designing for Virtual reality and Augmented reality, in keeping with the new ways in which people are interacting with their devices, which isn’t always necessarily screen based.

#5 Custom unique illustrations

It’s not rocket science to know that custom illustrations pay a lot more attention than stock photography. Stand out from the crowed and get your illustration suited for your brand.