Top 5 tech startups in amsterdam

04 March 2019
Roderick Meijer

Amsterdam has a vibrant startup Culture. Hay St. made a selection of startups to keep an eye on in 2019!

#1. Tiqets

Fast track the waiting lines at a museum. This website and app will let you book tickets for almost any tourist activity in a lot of cities. And one of the benefits is, for a lot of activities you can fast track the waiting line. Just book it, receive it on your phone and go.

#2. Etergo

The Dutch Tesla on two wheels. The electric app scooter that runs on Android.

#3. Parkbee

Especially in Amsterdam, parking is a hassle and expensive. This company solves this, with smart technology. Search for a spot, reserve it and enjoy cheap parking.

#4. Sensiks

This startup is all about our senses. This company developed a cabin which gives the VR experience a whole different meaning. Not only visual (VR), but also with sound, smell and air.


#5. Bux

The financial trading app for people with no trading experience. Especially with the upcoming of cryptocurrency, this app is there to make trading available for everybody