Top 5+1 AR apps

16 August 2019
Roderick Meijer

Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming more and more involved in our apps. This list shows a good selection of what is possible with AR. From functional and useful apps to ‘just for fun’ apps. These apps all use AR in their own way. You’ll see that the technology is still in the beginning of its existence, some are still in experimental phase, while others are a more advanced. To be honest, I can’t wait what the future will bring with this new technology!

#1 IKEA Place

There is a reason why this is an ‘editors choice’ in the Apple App store. This app works amazing, with just simply putting a new couch in your living room to see if it fits with your home interior. This saves a lot of time and effort for those who were carrying furniture around to see how a certain piece would look like. The tiny point for improvement, not all their furniture stock is in there yet, but I think the guys from Sweden won’t take long before they do.

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#2 Just a line

Create your own AR with ‘Just a line – Draw in AR’ app. A fun and interactive way to play around with AR. When you’ve finished your drawing, it’s easy to share a movie or photo of the results with your friends. This app is maybe not the most useful app but it’s definitely fun to play around with!

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#3 ARise

A fun AR game which makes use of AR in a different way. You really need to walk around the 3D model to solve these puzzles. It can be a bit difficult to grasp, at first, but when you get the hang of it, it’s a really fun game! So make room in your house and start playing!

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#4 Vuforia Chalk

The 3rd button from the right. No, not that one, the other one. No, the other one… With Vuforia Chalk you will never have that conversation again. This functional app helps you to share your live view and draw in AR in the environment you are in. By showing what you are trying to explain, it’s much easier and quicker to collaborate. This app is a great example of using AR in combination with live sharing.

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#5 Google maps

Although its still in test phase, it deserves a place in my top 5. Google maps is taking the next step in navigation. Literally! Walk around while AR is leading the way. Add AR to google maps navigations and it’s an even easier way to navigate through the city.

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#5+1 My very hungry caterpillar AR

The +1 off the list! This child classic in a totally different way. A lot of kids grew up with the book of the very hungry catepillar and with this AR experience they are taking it to the next level. The Caterpillar comes to life and is very hungry, indeed! You need to feed it and feed it and feed it, until… (We all know how the story ends, right!?)

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