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UX/UI Designer at Vodafone.

In my role as UX /UI designer, I worked on multiple projects at Vodafone. As a member of the CRO team and the Campaign team, I’m working on UX and UI design of Vodafone.nl. With the focus on optimising the ‘Online shop’ and UI design for the Campaign team.

CRO team

As part of the CRO team, I’m working continuously on improving the Vodafone webshop, ensuring an optimal customer experience in the webshop. Guiding them through the process of orientating on a new phone and/or contract. But also helping to create a process of ease, regarding completion of the desired order.

We have multiple AB tests running, which gives me valuable insight on where to improve and adjust the website. With the data obtained from this insight, I’m also setting up new AB tests, an on-going process to improve the user experience.

Campaign team

For the campaign team, I’m working on setting up new pages for different campaigns on desktop and mobile. Working on UX and UI design within the Vodafone brand guide and driving to give the campaign pages their own look and feel.

Unfortunately I can’t show any designs here because the information relating to the project is not yet ready for public release. Should you wish to know more on the progress so far, please feel free to reach out. 


UX/UI Design
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