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Shell Energy.
Launch of new energy provider on the dutch Energy market.
Grandad and child sitting on the coach playing with a small windmill.

Shell launched in the beginning of 2022 a new Energy provider on the Dutch market; Shell Energy. This new venture is selling 100% Dutch wind and solar energy and CO2 compensated gas to the Dutch consumer market. In my role as Design Lead, I was involved from the launch till how it is currently.


As a new player in the market we wanted to create a fresh and clear website. A website which tells the story of Shell Energy but also helps users to get the best energy contract in the market.

As a member of the product team, I’ve worked on UX and UI design of shellenergy.nl, the 'My Account' and marketing material. Setting up the UX groundwork, determining the design vision and validating it with user and different departments within Shell (accessibility, brand, legal). A big part of my work was also setting up a Design System.

My Role

• Design lead
• UX Design
• UI Design
• Design system

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Focus on the brand.

The website is the showcase of the new company and had to tell the story through the design and content. The story should not disappear once it is switched to mobile. So everything has been optimised for interactions that also work on a smartphone.

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