Augmented Reality app
Muziek gebouw aan 't IJ.
Augmented Reality experience with art and music.
Two pictures, the left shows a persons hand holding up an iPad which shows the augmented reality of the Andriessen app. The right images is 3 people in the muziek gebouw aan 't IJ, holding up iPad enjoying the augementred reality Andriessen app.

Contemporary Dutch composer Louis Andriessen performed during a festival in the muziek gebouw aan ’t IJ. (Concerthall). Part of the festival was an Augmented Reality experience, where the music of Andriessen was combined with art pieces of Vesna Petresin.

My role within the team was UI Designer. I was responsible for design of the UI of the Augmenting Andriessen app. The app is available in Mobile and Tablet format and for Android and iOS.


The users could see on two locations in the Muziekgebouw building Augmented Reality art pieces. In the atrium was a AR piece which explored the the relationship between matter and spirit. On the terrace was a AR piece which was inspired by an Astronomical clock. Both pieces where supported by the music of the composer Louis Andriessen.

My Role

• UI Design

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The app was developed in collaboration with:

  • XR Base, Daniel Doornink, Niek Jansma productie
  • ORB Amsterdam development
  • Vesna Petresin creative design & art direction
  • Aron Fels 3D visuals

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